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Archetypal Nature

Gary is the developer and lead facilitator of Archetypal Nature - a modernization of the model of Toni Wolff which highlights:

  • the pathways through which we find fulfillment

  • differing eternal stories of identity

  • prism of family and social roles

  • A portal for generational healing

In recognizing these differing paths, we project less: we no longer imagine that everyone wants the same things that we do and we become better able give others what they really want.

"It's like you've discovered this big place, like Yosemite or Big Sur and I'm stunned by how much it means to me." – Gavin Frye, MFT, Los Angeles, CA


SYNCHRONICITY & THE ARCHETYPAL FEMININE video series co-hosted with Cynthia Cavalli Ph. D. is now available on video.  It includes 12 hours of recorded video classes featuring in-class discussion, visual-oriented presentation materials and bonus features including exclusive interviews with Rupert Sheldrake and Jill Purce and presentation by Richard Tarnas from the 2014 SYNCHRONICITY: Matter & Psyche Symposium - more info and register here.

In 2014, he envisioned and produced the SYNCHRONICITY: Matter & Psyche Symposium in Joshua Tree, CA, which featured Rupert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, Richard Tarnas, Jill Purce, Stephen Aizenstat, Marilyn Schlitz, Dr. Jim B. Tucker and more. 

Gary is featured in the new film TIME IS ART: Synchronicity & the Extended Dream - check out the trailer:


Gary is the author of Crop Circles, Jung, and the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine - North Atlantic Books 2014 and he offers presentations, webinars and workshops on this material regularly.

Join Gary for a five part online exploration of the science, history and symbolic meaning behind this mysterious phenomenon. Tuesday evenings 7- 9 pm Pacific time beginning Sept. 27, 2016.

Video from the SYNCHRONICITY: Matter & Psyche Symposium 2014.


Want to learn more about Jungian psychology and have a great coach there with you?  Gary is a dynamic and approachable teacher and makes these sometimes esoteric topics accessible and down to earth–all of Jungian psychology is natural and visible in our own lives once we know what we're looking for.  Gary's passion is teaching and he can take you through all of Jung 101: Shadow, Self, Anima and Animus, Personality Type, the Collective Unconscious and more using film, television, mythology, historic and pop culture examples.  We'll work together via video (Skype or Zoom) and you'll get to see visual/film examples of each of these.  Plus, you can tie all of these topics in with Gary's Archetypal Nature work (which continues a system first observed by Jung's close companion Antonia "Toni" Wolff).