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jungian & archetypal coaching

Gary S. Bobroff, M.A.

Gary has a Master's degree in Jungian-oriented psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute of Santa Barbara, CA., an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of British Columbia, Canada.  He is the founder of and the developer and facilitator of Archetypal Nature. He is a certified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and a board member of the Depth Psychology Alliance.  He is the author of Crop Circles, Jung & the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine (North Atlantic 2014).

Gary's areas of specialization include: Jungian & Archetypal Coaching, Understanding our Archetypal Nature, the Archetypal Feminine and Masculine, Personality Type (MBTI), Synchronicity, Spirituality, Divination and Symbolic Meaning, Projection and Intuition, and Ending Toxic Relationships.  Gary is approachable, patient and makes the breadth and depth of knowledge available to clients in a down-to-earth way.

JUNGIAN & archetypal coaching

Coaching Session with Gary S. Bobroff

One hour Jungian & Archetypal Coaching session with Gary S. Bobroff, M.A. Sliding scale pricing available (contact for details).  All prices in U.S. dollars.

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How would it change things to bring a mythic sensibility to the challenges of your life?  What is the soul gold that you have to offer the world?  How might your shadow offer up some of your hidden inner treasure?  Familiarity with the world's mythic traditions, archetypes, and the work of C. G. Jung enable him to help you find the inner story inside of you that is as-yet untold.  What might your inner story be?

Gary works with clients to:

  • Listen for the presence of the unconscious in their lives

  • Discover mythic patterns living through them

  • Uncover their deepest source of identity

  • Access unrecognized unconscious dynamics

  • Break generational shadow patterns

  • Strategically identify new pathways to fulfillment


Gary works with clients on a sliding scale from $97 to $59 per hour (all sessions are paid in advance).


Want to learn more about Jungian psychology and have a great coach there with you?  Gary is a dynamic and approachable teacher and makes these sometimes esoteric topics accessible and down to earth–all of Jungian psychology is natural and visible in our own lives once we know what we're looking for.  Gary's passion is teaching and he can take you through all of Jung 101: Shadow, Self, Anima and Animus, Personality Type, the Collective Unconscious and more using film, television, mythology, historic and pop culture examples.  We'll work together via video (Skype or Zoom) and you'll get to see visual/film examples of each of these.  Plus, you can tie all of these topics in with Gary's Archetypal Nature work (which continues a system first observed by Jung's close companion Antonia "Toni" Wolff).  In 2016, Gary will be offering online webinars in: Archetypal Nature, On Synchronicity, on Marion Woodman's Addiction to Perfection, and on his book Crop Circles, Jung & the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminineclick here for more info.

Synchronicity, sPIRITUAL INQUIRY AND Soul Strategies

Want to explore questions about spirituality?  Gary can add psychological depth–Jungian, archetypal and mythological perspectives–to your inquiry?  The task of coming into greater wholeness often calls us to bring more of us into action than we can imagine at first.  Many of us are called to develop qualities that we might not expect at first.  Do we need to learn how to be present and quietly listen for the soft voices of soul or do we need to develop our strength, our willingness to state boundaries and push for goals?  Are we being asked to find our inner Zen or to enter into the Warrior's asserting mode?  Can we imagine that it might be important at times to be strategic in the service of our soul?  While today our culture is called to rediscover the archetypal Feminine, many of us may also need to personally develop Masculine skills to keep ourselves healthy and safe.  Jung saw that each of us had a unique path to discover and an untold personal story: often that story will be surprising–most of all to us!  Mythic maps, archetypal patterns and eternal stories of identity can help us to orient and find the direction of the next step in our evolution.  Let's talk about it.


One of the things that C. G. Jung observed was how profoundly the unconscious could speak to us through the interaction of matter and psyche–he coined the term synchronicity to refer to these astounding experiences.  Throughout his life, he used the I Ching and astrology to better understand the psychological dynamics hidden in the current dilemmas of his patients. Such approaches need to be used with discretion and objectivity – Jung warned that they often bring a defeat for the ego and it's desires – but they can help us to discovered the unrecognized element needed for balance and growth in our lives.  Gary has been using the Tarot and the I Ching for over 20 years and he brings an eye for their mythic and archetypal patterns they contain to his work.

Toxic Relationships

One of the most difficult things that we can encounter in life is finding ourselves in toxic or unhealthy relationships.  How can we determine whether a partnership is toxic?  What can we do about it?  How can we understand an on-going pattern of (unconsciously) choosing such partnerships? How can we change our lives in healthy ways?  Having proper support and coaching through such a relationships (whether choosing to stay or leave) is essential.  Recognizing the pattern and its root and being able to make clear objective judgements about what is healthy and unhealthy are critical to moving forward.  Gary is happy to be there for you throughout your process with this issue.

MBTI / personality type

Understanding Personality Type can bring tremendous insight into ourselves and our relationships.  Recognizing our strengths allows us to discover how we operate best in the world and how to prosper more easily and more happily.  Recognizing the variety of personality preferences enables us to be more patient.  We can understand professional and personal differences with greater clarity and come to make better choices. Gary has been a certified administrator of the MBTI for two decades and is happy to bring his wealth of insight on Personality Type to his work with you and/or your organization.  You can see more and purchase your MBTI Session with Gary here.

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scope of practice

Gary does not work with clients who are primarily seeking: trauma healing, addiction recovery, couples counseling, or Jungian analysis.